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The Penguin Traveller – illustrated e- book

The Penguin Traveller

Dear friends,

The world is an incredible place where one can find all kinds of interesting creatures every day. Today, I would like to tell you about a little penguin who is an experienced traveller and knows lots of secrets. He travels around the world and when he gets tired, he stops to pay a visit. Listen carefully for he might already be at your home.

Here’s the tale about a little girl who meets him after he awakes her with his wobbling funny steps in the corridor. She steals quietly into the kitchen to see someone thoroughly examining the cupboards. There are small wet footmarks all around the floor and the favourite towel doesn’t hang on the peg on the wall.
… There follow the incredible adventures in his magical country and evenings full of stories at the homes of huge and hospitable snails.


You can find it as:




And now, you will see how the penguin will come round to see you, too :).


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